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AR/VR: The Present Of Business Growth Is Here!

Have you tried on those aviator glasses without actually wearing them? Have you seen a whole store come live in front of you without actually visiting the place? You must have heard or even used those big glasses where you fit in your mobiles to experience a different world altogether, right? Okay, have you gone Pokemon hunting in your neighborhood with Nintendo’s immensely popular game? Did we see your head nod in a yes?

Congrats! You are already aware of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Chances are that you are already using it too. AR/VR is already making its presence felt in the commerce sector. That was too subtle. Okay, here’s it again – AR/VR is rocking the businesses and making it boom!!!

Selling is not only limited to the product or service now but the overall experience it provides to the consumer. People are more than willing to try the product before, to experience how it feels like. AR/VR is redefining what it means to be a user. And boy, are we in love with it all.

Here are listing 5 of its countless benefits and how AR/VR is helping businesses grow!

benefits AR/VR

1. Helps your consumers VISUALIZE

Make a one-time investment to create a virtual prototype of your service or product through AR/VR. This makes it easier to give demos and trials to your
customers. They need not be present in your stores to experience your product or service and can check it out anywhere, anytime. The best example is IKEA
Place – it helps you try out decor items in real-time according to the measurements of your room. Now, how cool is that!

2. Interactions mean RETENTION

AR/VR is the best bet when it comes to attracting customers towards your brand. Give virtual tours, create virtual dressing rooms, show how your jewelry looks on a person, there are endless possibilities. Personalize their experience – make your consumers feel that they already own your product by using AR technology.
And remember, user interactions increases the chances for user retention. More consumers mean more business 🙂

3. Best for Employee TRAINING

Provide a real-time experience of what it is like to work in your factory or business. Train your employees through AR/VR by giving them stimulating work
scenarios. This can significantly prevent machinery or person damage during training, is safe and can cut costs too. Trial and error can be done in the virtual
world, which reduces the chances of any mistakes. It can also be used to analyze their performance effectively.

4. Reduce error and AUTOMATE

You can even reduce manpower and chances for human error by automating  processes in your business. Employ the AR/VR technology to oversee operations
in your warehouses and off-site assembly lines or even tally stocks. It reduces error and saves time too.

5. Don’t think reality. SHOW REALITY

AR/VR can also be used to transform 2D blueprints into a 3D experience – best for architects and interior designers. It helps give a better understanding of how
the design would look like when actualized. Owners can test colors, and metrics and calculate necessary labor and material costs too.

This is extremely helpful in the real estate sector as you can even provide virtual tours to those looking for a property – avoiding the traffic and saving time too.

By bringing the virtual into the real, AR/VR is erasing boundaries between worlds by merging human emotions with the digital realm. Make your customers ‘feel’ your business. Don’t let your product or service be limited to stores only. Reach one, reach all. Through AR/VR.

Business is all about its consumers. AR/VR brings the consumer into the limelight. And when the consumer is happy, they buy, and when they buy, you profit too. Long story short, invest in this amazing technology and see your business scale high.

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