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Invoice processing

An invoice parser is a type of software that is designed to read and interpret invoice documents. This can include PDFs, images and other types of files. The purpose of an invoice parser is to extract key information from an invoice, such as the invoice id, total amount due, the invoice date, the customer name, and it is store on google drive or your own local storage.

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What is an invoice OCR ?

Invoice OCR, short for Invoice Optical Character Recognition, refers to software technologies designed to convert unstructured invoice formats, such as PDFs or images, into structured data. The primary purpose of these technologies is to automate the process of invoice scanning, significantly reducing the reliance on manual data entry. By utilizing Invoice OCR, businesses can streamline their invoicing procedures, enhance efficiency, and minimize errors in data handling.

How does Invoice Parser work?

Seamless document import

Upload PDFs or images via email, API, desktop, Drive, Dropbox, RPA or cloud storage.

Cognitive document processing

Intelligently capture information you need. Our interface lets you review this for highest veracity.

OpenAI Intigration

Rapidly scan with OpenAI's advanced OCR for accurate data extraction.

Frictionless Data Export

Connect with your existing system and apps for easy and efficient transition to our platform.

Drive Integration

Easily connect and synchronize with popular cloud drives

Secured Storage

Robustly safeguard data with our fortified secure storage


Why choose Invoice Parser?


Capture data from any source

Capture or import data from any source or in any format including, images, PDFs, scans, paper documents, emails, cloud storage, APIs and more.


Extract data with superior accuracy

Our OCR APIs have been rigorously tested and pre-trained on millions of documents, ensuring high accuracy and reliability from day one.


Simplify workflows and operations

Set up completely automated workflows to handle file imports, data formatting, data validation, approvals, exports and integrations.


Save time and money

Reduce time spent on inefficient manual tasks and avoid data entry or validation errors that could burn a hold in your pocket.


Connect the tools you already use

Integrate your existing business tools seamlessly with Nanonets to automate data collection, exports storage, bookkeeping, and much more.


Enhance productivity

Turn your organisation 10x more productive by allowing teams to focus entirely on core activities while Nanonets handles everything else.


Discover important details about our product.

What types of invoices are supported?

Invoice Parser can extract data from all kinds of invoices, including credit/debit invoices, proforma invoices, commercial invoices, and more. In addition to invoices, Invoice Parser can also scan other types of financial documents such as receipts, price tags, purchase orders, debit and credit cards, and more. Contact us to learn more about our Invoice Parser capabilities.

Yes our OCR Model supports Line Items and Tables. Invoice Parser is able to identify Tabular structure in a File and extract the entire table as well as assign each column the labels you are looking for. In case a column doesn't belong to any label of interest it isn't assigned any label.

Our customers use Invoice Parser for automating accounts payable processes, reducing manual data entry errors, streamlining invoice processing and approval, and improving cash flow management. Additionally, Invoice Parser can be used for auditing and compliance purposes, as well as to gain better insights into supplier relationships and purchasing habits.

You can check out details about our pricing on to find the best pricing plan for you.

Here is the detailed documentation for the OCR API

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