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Wappnet Systems Engagement Models

We've developed our work standards, including engagement models, throughout time to enable easy collaboration with our customers.


Wappnet Systems mission is to provide an accurate and topnotch solution within a perfect time frame. The main advantage of a fixed price model is that it allows the client to plan and set an exact budget. Clients can pay the agreed price in parts and get delivery of their project on time.

How It Works
  • Here the client has to discuss their exact development requirements with our Business Analyses team. Our Team will check each and every small requirement and create a scope of work.
  • Wappnet Systems requires detailed documentation (Wireframe / Detail Document / Ref. Web or Mobile Application)that covers project planning with requirements and pre-planned ideas. Precise and transparent requirements.
  • To sum up, If you have final scope of work then this model is the best suit for you


Wappnet Systems works on an hourly cost model for a large scope of work and client need lots of changes in work. We give a tentative timeline for each and every task. We try to limit ourselves to achieving deadlines and following a Material model where a client can get their projects done on an hourly basis.

How It Works
  • Wappnet Systems always supports the saving bills and deliver quick work in less spending hours.
  • We will equip you with the desired number of expert developers and designers in so that you can easily fully utilize their skills and potential.
  • There will be an option for tracking hours. We suggest hub-staff, Jira, My hours or any best time tracking software
  • Some Projects are complex and it is hard to define scope and business requirements. In such a case, this model is the most suitable to use where you can get maximum control and flexibility in comparison to Fixed Price engagement model.


Wappnet Systems believe in B2B relations with clients. Dedicated Hiring model is the most efficient model in terms of its fixed pricing because it offers close coordination with the offshore resource, flexibility and significant or full control over the resource. There are several clients, who hire dedicated developers for the success and smooth running of their product. This approach helps the client get the best output and results in a long term and healthy relationship.

How It Works
  • Wappnet Systems support through our team of skilled Managers, developers, and designers. These experts handle your project with all their dedication.
  • In this engagement-model client can take interview of developers and choose based on skills
  • If the client is not satisfied with the hired resource we give an option for another developer.

Wappnet Systems is available for support 24*7.