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The eCommerce industry has changed the way business is done across the globe.

The rise of the internet has accelerated the rise of e-commerce. Also, showcases now have websites. Likewise, the internet is a global marketplace. Thus, eCommerce app development is a crucial factor for success. Hence, technological innovations will support eCommerce. They will also provide better product options to customers in the long term. Hence, the wall between traditional retailers and e-commerce vendors gets broken. Besides, the scope of an online e-commerce marketplace is difficult to measure. Thus, it is important to be precise about the e-commerce future. And, it is useful.

Retail e-commerce sales worldwide from 2014 to 2021 (in billion U.S. dollars)
E-commerce Trends in 2022 and Beyond

Here are some common changing e-commerce markets that will rule the eCommerce web application development in 2022.



With the increasing popularity of smartphones, the number of users is expected to grow. Hence, it is adding to the surge of e-commerce. Mobile phones are also shifting to advanced techniques. Thus, mobile apps help retailers to connect with customers in a more personalized way.

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Besides, apps that combine beacon and analytics enable us to engage with shoppers. Also, beacons are sensors that are placed on shelves. These interact with nearby devices. Also, customer insights gained from the technology. And, they allow retailers to shift in-store strategies. These operations match shopper interests. And, it leads to customer loyalty.

Some tricks in while developing eCommerce Website
Use Progressive web applications (PWA)

It offers customers a fast browsing experience. Hence, it combines the functionality of a regular web page. Also, mobile applications increase the customer experience. Thus, these are the features provided by the PWA:





5-Using Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages help you provide quality content to users. Besides, it offers a mobile web experience that is faster. And, it is better than regular mobile apps.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

For example, the largest fashion retailer in India, Myntra, implemented AMP technology. Besides, it is in about 11 days. However, they cover all their essential landing pages. Also, the individual product pages install PWA technology. Thus, they derive better performance as well. Thus, the brand observed that the page load time was lowered by 65%. Besides, the bounce rate was reduced by 40%. So, there was an improvement in e-commerce results.

Using Near Field Communication (NFC)

Using Near Field Communication

NFC is a class of communication protocols. Hence, it allows two electronic devices to set up communication. Besides, it is done by bringing one device within the vicinity of 3–4 cm of the other.

Consumers can pay for items by tapping an NFC chip against an NFC terminal. Thus, technology saves customers’ time. However, it also provides safety for user privacy. Besides, customers can use their NFC-enabled mobile phone devices against a reader. Thus, they pay to make a sale.

Augmented Reality ecommerce web development solutions

Augmented Reality E-commerce

Do you remember the Pokemon game? It is 'augmented reality e-commerce.' Also, installing AR apps allows customers to have an immersive experience. Besides, it will enable an increased conversion rate. Augmented reality will reduce human efforts. And they will not be surprised when unboxing the product from the store.

AI and ML in E-commerce

AI and ML in E-commerce

Machine learning is a part of artificial intelligence. Also, that provides an e-commerce system with the ability to learn. Thus, it improves customers’ experiences. Thus, many use the latest AI and ML applications to improve their customer base. Also, Wappnet Systems provides services with all the latest trending technologies.

Conclusion on Changing E-commerce

In today’ e-commerce web development environment, companies seek to attract customers. Besides, it is possible with e-commerce. Also, this approach provides highly engaging user experiences. Wappnet Systems provides e-commerce web and mobile application services.