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In this era of technology almost everything is now over your hands or on your figure tip. However, don’t get confused I am talking about mobile phones. Also, nowadays you can have everything on your mobile device. Besides, you can get it through your mobile device. These include news, memories, banking, accounts, songs, movies, books, and games … (Yes PUBG and now Call Of Duty are also there). Also, you can order almost everything using your mobile device. For example, there are all kinds of electronic appliances, Favorite Dishes from Favorite Restaurants… Besides, it can be furniture, apparel, medicines, groceries, etc…

Also, you can order any kind of service also from using your Mobile Device. In this world, approximately 66.75% population of the world uses mobile phones. Besides, it became a great market for any business. Also, mobile applications make business very easy for businesses. Besides, it is for the customers. Thus, they get the benefit of options, price comparisons, and exciting offers on their palm.

So ultimately this all happens due to mobile phones… Not only mobile phones but mobile apps too. Besides, the mobile application is becoming a game-changer for every business. Nowadays, we can see the billionaires like Amazon, Uber, Swiggy, Flipkart, etc… This all has successful products as their Mobile Application. Besides, in fact, every business is moving toward the mobile application. Because it is used by a large community in the world. Visit us at WAPPNET SYSTEMS PVT LTD for the best mobile development experience.

There are many ways and frameworks available. Besides, we can create mobile applications on Android and iOS. However, today we are discussing the most acquired cross-platform. It is React Native and their toolchain EXPO. Also, React Native is a widely-grossing community of mobile application developers. It is due to good support from Facebook and having good availability of documents and libraries. Besides, React Native has become the first choice of mobile application developers.

Improved User Adoption

Half of smartphone users do not download a native app in an average month. Because they need to visit an app store. It's as simple as browsing a web link and accepting a prompt with progressive web app development. Likewise, everything happens in the background, and the end result is the same. Also, it's hardly surprising. Besides, people are 'installing' websites before they refused the app. Also, quick installations with PWA might make a difference in your engagement.

What is EXPO?

What is EXPO?

According to the site, Expo is “a free and open-source toolchain. Besides, it is built around React Native to help you build native iOS and Android projects using JavaScript and React.” Expo has 5 interconnected tools. Besides, it creates a perfect ecosystem for making development at another level:

XDE: It is a graphical development environment that is available on every popular platform i.e. Windows, macOS, and Linux. Besides, it is used to Create, Build, and Share the app.

Expo CLI: The command-line interface for Expo. If you prefer to live in the terminal, the CLI provides all of the power of the GUI based XDE in command line form.

Expo Client: an app on your phone that lets you open your projects while you're working on them, without needing to go through XCode or Android Studio, and also lets other people view them too! And if you publish it through expo-cli, people can access it at any time through the Expo client on Android or on iOS if signed in to the same account it was published with.

Expo Snack: hosted at, this web app allows you to work on a React Native app in the browser, with a live preview of the code you’re working.

Expo SDK: Expo has an advanced collection of JavaScript APIs. Besides, it is not there in the base React Native Package. Also, it elevates the stand of EXPO in React Native development. Besides, the SDK includes Face Detection, Maps, Location Tracking, Analytics, push notifications, and many others. This SDK comes baked in with every new project created with Expo. These tools together make up the Expo workflow. Besides, they create the perfect combination. Thus, they optimize developer efforts and increase mobile application performance

Expo advantages

Expo advantages

– Project setup and installation is quite fast and easy.

– To monitor the logs, connected devices, and app status, also to share the app’s expo client link and publish app on server, Expo uses its one-stop solution Expo CLI which opens in a browser will sort of reduce the developer headache by providing a collection of functionality at one place.

– Expo Client app is available at App Store and Play Store, anyone can get the application link to run the crated app in this application which excludes the need for macOS dependency to create build for iOS device.

– Due to the latest and needed APIs considered in Expo SDK it is no need to link and download the third-party library. The expo team continuously updates the APIs to provide the best possible support.

– With using the Over the Air (OTA) feature when users open your app, it will automatically update new changes in JavaScript code. However, such things as an app icon, its name, and other settings are not updated via OTA. You can read about it in more detail in the Limitations section.

– Automatic management of certificates and app signatures

– Less expensive because no need of MacOS for iOS app development.

Expo drawbacks.

– If you want to use native modules, then you cannot use it in Expo. You also you can’t use the libraries which include native codes.

– Application size is big, it will size 25 MB for only the “Hello World” program due to its large inbuilt API supports.

– Some complaints have been raised when you change the platform from the testing app to a standalone app, which is a nightmare for any developer

NOTE: If you have no access to Native code during your app development, then I highly recommend using Expo. Besides, it is great for your React Native development despite its drawbacks. Thus, their team is so active and provides great solutions using JavaScript APIs